Leiria in Pictures

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An obvious way of promoting a city is through photography – taking beautifully shot images of a place will most likely inspire others to discover and visit it.

Over the Summer, I took photographs of some of my favourite landscapes and elements of Leiria. All the photos were taken in a vertical format, similarly to the videos submitted to the Nespresso Talents 2017 film contest – which I used as inspiration.

“The request for all submissions to be shot vertically (9:16) broke the usual conventions of shooting horizontally. Making and viewing films in a vertical format enables audiences and filmmakers to see things from a different perspective and develop new, creative ways of telling stories, and is also reflective of the way people [now] consume content on their mobile phones and tablets.”


Omnichord Records

In 2012, Omnichord Records, Leiria’s own music label, was founded.
This is their motto:

“We make records that we would love to buy.
We promote bands that are great live.
We believe that Jack Kerouac was right and “The Only Truth Is Music”.
Around Leiria, in the center of Portugal, there’s a new musical movement with a lot of bands that we’re recording and taking to the road.”

As part of my development, I made a couple of posters annoucing a concert of one artist signed with this label – Surma.

I was interested in the concept of mixing a digital made poster with handwritten information and details. I thought it made these posters look a bit more interesting than if I had made everything digitally.

screenprinted postcards

With the results from the blind drawing exercise I had done previously, I made a few  two-colour screenprinted postcards.

Not all of them came out right but these definitely felt more personal and handmade, which made me prefer them to the digital ones.

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Throughout this project, it came to me very naturally that I didn’t want my outcome to consist of one main piece. Instead, I wanted to have a collection of a few products which, together, would make for Leiria’s new visual identity.

Still, I needed to think of a way to bind everything together, to make sure my outcome wasn’t just random pieces, but a series of coherent products which people could identify as being part of one same thing.

In a way, what I’m doing in this project is re-branding Leiria. This made me think of press kits, pre-packaged sets of promotional materials which provide information about a certain brand, company, organisation or cause and which are distributed to members of the media for promotional use.

I thought this would suit the project really well, so I started looking into press kits and explore what sort of containers are normally used in this sort of context.

I then made a couple of very simple mock-ups of different types of paper boxes to get an idea of how a container for a press kit would look (keep in mind that, by the time I took these photos, my paper boxes had unfortunately been damaged during my morning commute).

I opted for the design of the square box, however, decided to make it rectangular instead, just big enough to fit a postcard (slightly bigger than A6).