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These three ‘collages’ are the experiments I have selected as my outcome. I am yet to finish this project, as I could keep on working on it for the next couple of months (and I do intend to). However, I had to present something as the final result for this project, and so I selected the experiments I am most happy with.

They do not represent a narrative and there is no order to them (it doesn’t matter which one is seen first), however they are connected to each other, as I was inspired by the same dreams and memories (only combined in different ways) to create this set of images.


My sketchbook for this project worked as a note-taking, idea-generating device.
I wrote down suggestions from my tutorials, summaries of texts and subjects I researched, lists, etc. This is also where I would reflect upon my dreams, symbols, ideas and concepts.

When reading Frida Kahlo’s diary, there was a page in which she wrote colour dictionary, where she explained what each colour represented and meant to her. I thought I would experiment doing the same myself.

The pages of my childhood books and my old drawings were also a significant part of my research.

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Dream Depiction 101

I started out by experimenting with different forms of depicting my dreams and nightmares – using simple shapes, text, symbols, etc. The first set of dreams that I selected to depict were all had in my childhood years, and so I tried to relate them to that time and make them seem somewhat naive and childlike by using bold shapes and vibrant colours.

Though I liked these (the birds in flight in particular), I wasn’t really sure this was the approach I wanted to take in depicting my dreams.

As such, I then tried my usual black & white line drawing style, which I felt more comfortable with. I really liked the drawing of the girl and the tiger, which I later developed in different experiments. I also quite liked the figure of the bird woman, as well as the elements of Nature used in some of these illustrations.

I made more and more drawings, some of them representing a single dream or memory, others combining several of the different narratives in one image. I made them using fine liners and pencils – I was not focusing on colour or shadows and details, for I had set my mind to use textures as a colouring method. That is why most of these look like images from a colouring book.

There were some of these that I quite liked aesthetically, yet decided not to use in later experiments, as they failed to represent the stories and feelings of the dreams and memories in the way I wanted them to.

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The drawing of the bird woman is one of my favourites. For some reason, this felt like one of the images that most accurately depicted a dream that I had as a child, in which I was able to fly alongside birds.