Throughout this project, it came to me very naturally that I didn’t want my outcome to consist of one main piece. Instead, I wanted to have a collection of a few products which, together, would make for Leiria’s new visual identity.

Still, I needed to think of a way to bind everything together, to make sure my outcome wasn’t just random pieces, but a series of coherent products which people could identify as being part of one same thing.

In a way, what I’m doing in this project is re-branding Leiria. This made me think of press kits, pre-packaged sets of promotional materials which provide information about a certain brand, company, organisation or cause and which are distributed to members of the media for promotional use.

I thought this would suit the project really well, so I started looking into press kits and explore what sort of containers are normally used in this sort of context.

I then made a couple of very simple mock-ups of different types of paper boxes to get an idea of how a container for a press kit would look (keep in mind that, by the time I took these photos, my paper boxes had unfortunately been damaged during my morning commute).

I opted for the design of the square box, however, decided to make it rectangular instead, just big enough to fit a postcard (slightly bigger than A6).


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