Drawing Session @ Borough Market

Borough Market is one of my favourite markets in London, so I was excited to learn this was going to be the place for our 2nd drawing trip of the term. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go the day we were supposed to, which meant I had to go back by myself to complete the exercise another day.

We had been asked to capture moments through rough sketches, focusing on movement. As such, I thought I’d try and fight my usual controlled hand and draw more loosely, which would get a sense of movement present within my images.

It seemed to work quite well. Even though I don’t get that feeling of movement in every drawing, I do feel they capture the buzz and the environment of the market.

Overall, I feel this was quite a helpful exercise. It reminded me that I don’t have to draw straight, controlled lines all the time, and that loose sketches can also help define the feeling of a place.


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