Chris Orr’s Illustrations

In one of the group tutorials that we had, someone mentioned Chris Orr, a London based illustrator. I had never heard of this artist before, and when shown some examples of his work for the first time, I immediately fell in love.

Orr’s illustrations are extremely detailed and informative. I compare them to visual narratives, for in each piece of work we can see a thousand images, that are put together in a way that communicates something to us.

I find this illustration absolutely incredible. In only one image, we find all about what is going on inside the ship. This is not just an illustration – in the sense that it illustrates something –, this is a story in itself.

This image in particular caught my attention. While still holding a lot of detail and information, it doesn’t tell us a story, like the previous exmples. Instead, it gives us a sense of what it is like being in that position, standing in that place.
This reminded me of an exercise we did referring to a technique used by Bonnard.

Again, it is astonishing the amount of information present in each work. For someone who usually prefers to do line drawing and creates imagery that is, in fact, minimal, this is something that I should perhaps try. Specifically in the context of this project, it could be interesting to have such detailed illustrations, with not one but several scenes from the narratives, as book covers.


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