Books by Eça de Queirós

After deciding on a book publisher as a ‘fictional’ client for my current project (although I wasn’t asked by the publisher to do these covers, I still intend to contact them after I finish the project and offer my designs as a proposal for a book collection), I needed to choose an author – when Bertrand asks an illustrator to design several covers for them, very often that means they want an author collection, that is, all books to be illustrated belong to the same author.

I found this a bit of a challenge, as to design book covers I need to have read the books. I always try to read as many different authors as I can, which means that I haven’t read that many books by the same author.

I decided to settle on the Portuguese author Eça de Queirós. I have already read a few of his books and, because his works have a significant value in Portuguese literature, I know it will be easy to find reviews and analysis of many of his books (so if I haven’t got the time to read them, I can still get a sense of what the book is about and what significant key elements I should include in the cover).

His most famous works are the first four books that we see in the image below: Os Maias, O Primo Basílio, O Crime do Padre Amaro and A Cidade e as Serras.

As you can see, the book covers that already exist are quite dull, which is another reason that lead me to choose this author (they really do need, in my opinion, to be replaced by something more exciting).

The following are examples sold by Bertrand Bookshop only.


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