Drawing Session @ the British Museum

I love drawing. And I love the British Museum. Put the two together and it’s a perfect combination for an afternoon well spent.

This drawing session wasn’t as enjoyable as I had thought at first, though. There were so many people there we found it difficult to move from one room to another and drawing in crowded spaces, with people constantly passing by and forcing us to move and change perspectives, felt very unnatural.

Besides, although I did understand the purpose of this exercise and felt it was something I should do more often, I did’t quite like making such quick sketches. As we were supposed to fill in an entire sketchbook, these drawings were meant to be made as quick as possible, with some of them not even resembling the object we were focusing on.

My drawing style has always been very controlled and detailed and I wasn’t happy with the results of this drawing exercise, which only means this is something I should try to do more often.


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