Book Cover Design

When it came to finding good examples of book cover design, I resorted to Pinterest. I created a folder in which I would save any interesting book covers I would find.

You can click the video below to watch me naviagte through the folder and zoom in on some of the pins. Alternatively, you can open the folder, which is constantly being updated with new examples, and navigate through it yourself.

I found it quite helpful to study and understand how illustrators have designed the covers of these books. Particularly with the ones that I have read, I could easily recognise what key elements of the narrative they had chosen to focus on and highlight in the front cover.

The use of colour was something that caught my attention. The examples I found on Pinterest were almost all targeted for an older audience (adults and young adults), and so the colour palettes used were very neutral or minimal. The few examples of children’s books however, were very colourful and immediately stood out from the others.

“The Great Gatsby” was often portrayed in black and yellow / gold; “Alice in Wonderland” had lots of blues and greens; “To Kill a Mockingbird” shown warm colours, such as brown and orange; and “Pride and Prejudice”, in pink.

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