How to make a great book cover?

When it comes to shopping for books, despite the expression, most people do judge a book by its cover. We simply can’t help it.
For my current project, I decided to research and try to understand what exaclty differentiates a good book cover from a great one. The following are a few of the articles I’ve found:

  • What Makes for a Brilliant Book Cover? A Master Explains
    An article analysing the works of Peter Mendelsund and what he finds to be the key aspects for a great cover; I found this article incredibly useful – it was interesting to understand how an award-winning book cover artist works and what he finds to be important when designing a cover;
  • Book Cover Success and Failure Explained
    This post had a lot of information on how a book cover should be and common mistakes that the author finds in covers; however, I didn’t feel it was very useful – the ‘book cover rules’ in this post seemed very linear and vague;
  • What Makes a Good Book Cover
    A post for the blog Business of Illustration, “What Makes a Good Book Cover” felt like a combination of the first two articles on this list. The author of this post did give some bullet points on what a book cover should be but in a much more open, clear and useful manner;
  • Book Cover Design
    This is an article very relevant to my project, with detailed instructions on how to understand what key details and references of a novel should be used to design a great book cover. It offers enlightment on how to convey the ideas we want to communicate and goes over some important technical aspects, such as Hierarchy, Contrast, Colour and more. It also includes examples of book covers that the author considers successful.

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