The Purple Video

For this assignment, we were all given a colour and asked to go around our campus and record things in this particular colour. I was given the colour purple, which at first seemed almost impossible to find (thus, most of my clips being taken in the typo café only), and so a few of my clips do not represent purple things, but rather something that I associated with this colour. This was the first part of our assignment, my favourite, as we got to go around LCC in a sort of ‘colour hunt’.

After gathering a good amount of footage, we were instructed to create a storyboard with the thumbnails of our clips, analysing which of these would be discarded and what order they’d obey to. This was, for me, the most difficult task. As we were only filming colours and didn’t have any narratives or guidelines to follow, I wasn’t sure how I’d put all the clips together in one ‘decent’ outcome.

I filmed textures and patterns (a stack of same-looking items put together), which I was really interested in, but also objects and scenes. My idea was to film details I found around LCC that I don’t usually notice, re-discovering places I go every day through windows and gaps in the doors.

I can’t say I love how my outcome turned out; however, I do think there are some interesting aspects to it and I would definitely like to try some similar exercises in the future.


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