A Flipbook

The briefing for this mini-project consisted in creating a flipbook as a presentation which reflected our practice in some way.

As this was a project to be done in class, I knew I wasn’t going to have much time; I wouldn’t be able to have detailed drawings or that many pages.

I got a recording clip of myself – I needed something with a bit of movement, so we could actually see the image changing while flipping through the pages of the book – and extracted one in every two frames using VLC.
I then printed the frames in black & white and made it so that a new letter of my name would be introduced in every two pages. I also drew some doodles like lines, circles and flowers, and tried to make them move across the pages when flipping through.

I did encounter a slight problem – the flipping through became a bit difficult to do, especially when having few pages left. This could have been prevented by printing onto thicker paper. However, I didn’t realise this would be a problem when printing and the time was short to re-do it.

I was pleased with the overall result. It was definitely a very interesting experience to create this sense of movement using still images only, and to present myself as an artist using this technique. I could see myself using flipbooks as a sort of business card in the future.


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