Making a Zine

In one of our previous sessions, we took a trip to the V&A museum, where we had been asked to choose something from a list of words/objects and go around drawing as many examples of that object as we could.

I wanted to draw something a little bit different than usual, so I chose the word ears. There were a lot of human figures and statues within the museum, which meant it would be very easy to find interesting examples.

Although I quite liked this exercise and had fun exploring the museum and practicing drawing ears – which turned up to be more challenging than I had initially imagined –, I felt a bit frustrated that each ear would take me so long to do. For every drawing that I did, my friends who had chosen hands and feet would have already done two or three.

Ears are a somewhat complex “object” and while the outline may be enough to define a hand or foot, I learned that ears don’t resemble ears if they are not shaded, which would always take a little bit of time.


After doing all those drawings of ears, we were asked to put together a little zine in class, using what we had done. Each page would have to include at least one word and one drawing of the object we had drawn.

I quickly put together a collection of quotes from some of my favourite books in which the word ears appeared. I was interested to find out if this specific part of the human head was even mentioned in famous novels.

As this was something we had to do quite quickly in class, I used only scissors, glue, pens and a copy machine, which certainly gave the outcome a very raw and handmade feeling to it.


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