#2 Collages

Although I was having fun making these drawings, I realised that many of the illustrations I had seen for ‘Os Lusíadas’ were also drawings and that I wanted to create something different from what everyone else was doing. So I started playing with collages.


This is a very simple collage created digitally, on Photoshop. I then drew it by hand (I thought it might become more interesting as a drawing – you can find it in my sketchbook).

It is meant to represent a word that has no direct translation to English, saudade, the feeling of missing someone or something; a feeling of nostalgia. This is a feeling very present in most chapters of ‘Os Lusíadas’. I linked it to a specific episode of the poem – the moment when the ships depart from the shore, leaving the sailors’ mothers, wives, brides and children alone and afraid.


Another simple collage I made illustrates one of the first episodes in ‘Os Lusíadas’ – the moment the gods gather to discuss and decide the fate of the Lusiads.

The narrator of ‘Concílio dos Deuses’ tells how, although the Gods couldn’t control the Portuguese, they were responsible for every storm and every refuge that crossed their journey.

img20161020_18141305Finally, I made this last one, which is a representation of several different episodes of the narrative. As such, I feel this one would be a better portrayal / illustration of the poem as a whole, and could become a piece just on itself, rather than having a collection of images for the key chapters, for instance.


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