#1 Illustrations

My first impulse was to create a series of drawings that would work as illustrations for a book / new edition of ‘Os Lusíadas’. I wrote down a summary of the episodes in each chapter, so I’d know what key moments in the story would be interesting to illustrate.

As I’ve mentioned, I was influenced by the style of Mariana, a Miserável’s illustrations. For the first drawing, however, I looked up images of the goddess Venus to better create an accurate portrait.

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I then proceeded to make some coloured versions of these drawings. In the first experiment (on the left) I used watercolour but the other two images were coloured digitally on Photoshop.


Finally, when I was considering these drawings as one of the possible four outcomes that I needed, I had the idea of transforming them into more than just illustrations for a book.

I thought I’d go back to one of the themes I’d left behind (Home) and create something that was not only less vulgar than illustrations (as there are already hundreds of different illustrations of ‘Os Lusíadas), but that would also be a reminder of people’s home. I chose to experiment a bit more with these drawings and create a set of postcards –  postcards are something people send to loved ones when away from home.


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