Fluid Exploration

Fluid Exploration started – to me – with ‘Pop Corn Machine‘, ‘Oxygen’ and ‘Architect’s Home‘. Then, through research, mind mapping, word associations and even more research, I got to ‘Machine Talk’, ‘Home’, ‘Mythology’, ‘Mermaids’, ‘Pressure’, ‘Surreal Worlds’, ‘Gods & Goddesses’ and ‘Irish Legends’.

At this point, I had a lot of different unrelated themes and subjects that I wanted to explore a bit further. I was interested in finding the true meaning of ‘home’ – and because it is subjective, I wrote down several of my friends’ opinions, gathering a collection of different answers -, the effects and influences of oxygen, the machines’ role in our society, and some ancient legends that I was fascinated about.

In order to narrow down the number of themes and subjects that I now had, I researched them a bit further to find out what was more appealing to me and generate a few ideas that I actually wanted to develop.

The following are links, PDFs and texts that consist of my early research.

I  found an article about a study suggesting dinosaurs lived in a low-oxygen world, which contradicts the previous theories that argued that the size of the creatures on Earth was propotional to the levels of oxygen within our atmosphere.

Although I wasn’t particularly curious about it, I read about photosynthesis, as I wanted to learn more about processes of transformation (also related to ‘Pop Corn Machine’).

I then found two very interesting articles which link ‘Architecture’ and ‘Home’ with psychology and explore how physical spaces can have such an impact in our minds.

Finally, regarding ‘Machine Talk’, I read about Artificial Intelligence and found a very interesting video about Facebook Artificial Intelligence being designed to describe images to blind people.


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