In F*U*T*U*R*E x imagination, one of our projects in year 1, we were asked to work as a group to produce a ‘theatrical piece’ that portrayed our idea of a constructed fictional reality with both utopian and dystopian elements.

The idea behind our group’s video was to depict one scenario (a tube journey) and how each commuter will perceive the Utopia and Dystopia unfolding, differently.

The overlay emphasises our overall point that a utopian reality cannot exist without dystopian elements, as the difference of opinions of what a utopia is like will generate chaos and unrealistic realities.

We chose this specific soundtrack because it can be perceived as both a utopian and a dystopian element, wich we thought would go well with the message we were trying to portray.

by Ellen Rogers, Ema Ribeira, Pedro Martins, Savannah Jiuling and Sophiya Kloss.


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