Humans are never content. They need to give everything a meaning, a purpose. We’re constantly looking for answers.

“What’s the meaning of life?” It could simply be to exist, to survive, but we humans could never accept that, of course. There must be something else, something better. That’s why we’re always looking for fulfillment. We dream. We aspire — for a better future, a better life. We crave desire.
We need something to hold on to. Constantly. Whether it is material or not. When we wish for something material and we get it, we immediately find something else to work for. It’s the craving we crave. We need that. We need to feel we mean something, that there is a purpose for everything we do, an explanation. It’s a constant search for happiness.

Utopia would then be a place where everything has a meaning, everyone has a purpose and happiness would come in all shapes and sizes. It would be easy to find but we would still have to look for it.


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