New Brief

“See You in 6G” What does it mean? A whole new unit, the last of year 1, in which we’ll have 6 different projects.

The first project, which we’ve started already, is the main one, done in groups of 5 people. The other ones will be smaller tasks, to be completed individually, starting next term.

The project we have in hands, F*U*T*U*R*E x imagination, consists in discussing, planning and visualizing a utopia. “You should try and avoid binary points of view and chanllenge yourselves to propose a place that is both Utopian and  Dystopian at the same time”.

And we are required to deliver two outcomes:
* One must present our utopia as a theatrical act that unfolds over two scenes. The act must be set against the backdrop of an ‘advanced’ city. All props, costumes and dialogue must be considered.
* The other must be a 3D model.

I’m excited about this project but, at the same time, I’m a little bit worried. It seems to be an interesting theme but, being so personal and subjective, I’m expecting it to be really challenging when it comes to working in groups.


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