Week 5: Summer Exhibition video review

Just to give you a brief context of what this session was all about, we have an assessment due in two weeks in which we’ll have to write a review about one of three exhibitions we are meant to visit. Therefore, we had a short writing exercise today just to prepare us a bit for when it comes to writing the actual paper review.

We were given two videos to choose from and we had to write a short review of that video. I chose the Richard E. Grant at the Summer Exhibition video, which you can watch here.


The purpose of the video on the Summer Exhibition (2015) seems to be solely promotional. It is meant to make people go to the exhibition and that may be why they chose Richard E. Grant to make an (enthusiastic) appearance, although we are not told who he is/what his background is. The video doesn’t provide any details on the exhibition itself (date, location, featuring artists, etc.) nor it shows the works displayed – we do can see a few works while following Mr. Grant through the gallery but the video clearly focus the man, rather than the works of art. Art is shown as something we can buy. It is a commercial video trying to sell us the idea that artworks are products and they’re there (in the gallery, that is) to be SOLD, rather than APPRECIATED.



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