Another Reading Exercise

As you can probably tell by the title of this post, this week’s ISHE session was, once more, about article analysis. Now, at first, I thought this session would be much like the previous one and, therefore, boring – in the way that I didn’t really feel like doing the same thing.

I don’t know if it was due to the article being more interesting or the task itself – probably, both – but I enjoyed this session a lot more than the last. We were asked to analyse the text we were given – Joan Didion, “Why I Write”, 1976, New York Review of Books – and make an illustration.

This task was meant to be done in pairs, so Marta and I figured that the best way to illustrate the text was by focusing on keywords and quotations first. We selected a few quotes and words that we liked or identified with and made them a starting point for our drawing:

  • “Invasion of private space”;
  • “I tried to think, I failed”;
  • “Passionate hours spent arranging words in pieces of paper”;
  • “Images that shimmer around the edges”.


Here’s the result. It’s not such of good drawing, I know, but we only had about 10 minutes to complete this task and most of the time was spent choosing the quotations and thinking of a way to turn the words into images. Having that in mind, I actually quite like it.


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