What is it?

It has been two weeks now since college started and I have realized I haven’t told you (yet) about the project we have been working on…

The What is it? project is ALL ABOUT THE RESEARCH. We were given a list of museums we can visit (as well as a few non-museum places, such as McDonald’s, Poundland or charity shops) and, along those visits, we have to choose two objects from different locations. Once we’ve chosen our two, we are meant to gather as much information about them as we possible can.

Dig D_E_E_P. You should be finding out all sorts of interesting facts as well as non-facts.

In addition to writing notes, we may take pictures, eavesdrop on people’s conversations, film things, paint things, draw things, throw things or cook things. ALL of which should be documented in our sketchbooks.

This is how your objects become your best friends. This is how you’re able to talk at length about them and reveal things that make me go “Damn! That’s the juice!” 

What does this all look like? A F___A ___T sketchbook bursting with all manner of things!


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