Week 1: Sources

I have to admit our first CTS lecture went way better than I was expecting. To be honest, “Contextual and Theoretical Studies” sounded like something awfully boring to me. However, it turned out to be quite interesting and, most certainly, valuable.

This first week we focused on different types of sources. Through the analysis of Lawrence Zeegen’s exhibition “50 Years of Illustration” (*) at LCC, we pointed out the differences between primary and secondary sources – the first ones being 1st hand/original information and the second ones, 2nd hand information/an interpretation of the the first.

It is not always easy to identify a certain source as primary or secondary, as one same source can be both, depending on the context of our research.

When doing research, using a combination of both primary and secondary sources will get us some advantages, such as depth of information and stronger, more valuable arguments.

I found the subject of this week’s lecture quite easy and logical but it was something I had never really thought about. I can see these lectures will be extremely helpful in guiding me through my ideas and processes/stages of my projects. Rather than just making art, I’ll learn how to actually think and edit my works, giving them a purpose and making the message I want to share with others a lot clearer.


(*) “50 Years of Illustration” is also a book. If you’re interested, you can check out Lawrence Zeegen’s interview for It’s Nice That about his book and hopes for illustration here.


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